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Forex & Crypto leverage trading, make profit in any market condition & get paid instantly

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Our services leverage bulletproof AI that understands price fluctuations faster than the human trader. In this way, you gain a competitive edge and earn higher profits faster.

Forex trading

We have the most professional technology team, they are forex experts. We are providing you the most advanced technology to achieve your targets. The 5 trillion dollar a day Forex market adds great profits but only trades 5 days a week, we have a Solution.

Leverage Crypto trading

We are also Professional Crypto Leverage Trades this allows us to generate profits 7 days a week. Since our system is designed to make money as long as the markets move in any direction "up" or "down", this is what sets us apart from any other passive income platform.

Automatic trading

We use a combination of human traders & algorithmic AI bots conditioned to adapt any market volatility faster then any human being can. Why would we share this technology with u? The more capital we have to trade with the more profits we can generate with far above the 1.87% we pay you 7 days a week so as you profit our company profits even more.

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Package 300%

Min 250 USD

Instant Payments

1.87 % daily until profit reach 300%

Once you reach 300% profit you can leave with your profits or purchase a new package and earn 300%

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About Us

3XCapital was built to help individual traders like you leverage the same powerful AI technology as large funds and other trading organizations. By helping the little guy compete with multinational trading professionals, we are steadily disrupting the algorithmic trading industry & making it more inclusive for everyone.

3XCapital core values

At 3XCapital, we love what we do. We love what we do so much that our team is committed to a few pillars that drive our success. Everything we do is done through the lens of a few pillars to ensure our traders and our team experiences nothing short of an amazing experience.


By following an emotionless trading strategy that emphasizes tactic over impulse, we help our traders find consistent results and steady profits.


In the world of trading, persistence is critical. By understanding the ebb and flow of trading patterns, you can have the confidence to stick with the game plan.


You can have peace of mind that our automated trading platform delivers super-accurate pricing information more up to date than any prices you will find on your own.


As a professional trading platform, we mean what we say. Unlike other trading groups, we don't hide things in small font or complex agreements.


Our team is committed to everything that we do. Because we are so passionate about earning profits, you can enjoy a hassle-free platform designed for success.

Trade with us

Let's get ready to earn some serious cash. At 3XCapital, we want you to succeed. More funds means we can make more profit, and more you can profit.

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